What We Do

What We Do

Today RSCJ carry out our mission in three main ways, which are known as ministries:

  • Teaching & Formation (for example, we run schools and universities, support youth groups, and provide adult education and family services)
  • Human Development & Justice (we promote integral human development and serve those whose development is impeded or whose human rights are not respected)
  • Pastoral Ministry & Guidance in Faith (for example, we train catechists and undertake catechetical, parish, and diocesan work. We also participate in forming Christian communities, give retreats and spiritual direction, and engage in ecumenical dialogue)

(see Supplement to the Constitutions of 1982, n 13)

Ministries in Australia & New Zealand

Teaching & Formation

Our Province operates four schools of the Sacred Heart. They are Baradene College, Auckland, Kincoppal-Rose Bay, Sydney, Sacre Coeur, Melbourne, and Stuartholme, Brisbane.

RSCJ also engage in university research and teaching, school chaplaincy, tutoring refugee students, giving English classes for migrants, and teaching through the University of the 3rd Age.

Human Development & Justice

Members of our Province work in ministries with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and with refugees and asylum seekers.  We also actively raise awareness, pray and advocate across a range of issues concerning justice, peace and the integrity of creation.

Pastoral Ministry & Guidance in Faith

We engage in a wide variety of pastoral work and spirituality ministries. These include giving spiritual direction, leading retreats, providing family support and visiting the sick and the elderly. We also do parish and neigbourhood work.

The posts in the mission section of this website will help you to explore our mission further.


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