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We unite with our Brigidine Sisters in New Zealand

We unite with our Brigidine Sisters in New Zealand

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A Good New Story

clouds depicting the Spirit The Compassion Games, Survival of the Kindest, have been played in prisons and high-schools to dramatically change the culture. Disclaimer: The facts of the story are true but the people shown in the video are not the people that participated in the Compassion Games. The prison authorities gave us permission to share this video.

An Astonishing Secret

boat setting out into the sunset

Pope Francis urges us to take the time and trouble to become more aware of, more interested in, and more excited by the undreamt-of horizons opening up before us. It now seems as though it is not possible to talk, teach, preach or write about God or Christianity except against the background of an evolving Creation. This is a challenge that will not go away.An Astonishing Secret – Daniel O’Leary


violin and score

Beautiful sacred music presented by Genevieve Behan, RSCJ.

Sr Marie Kennedy, R.I.P

Sr Marie Kennedy, R.I.P

Eulogy for Sister Marie Kennedy A warm welcome to Marie’s religious family, her own family and friends as we gather to farewell a very special person, Marie Therese Kennedy RSCJ. Thanks to Principal Maureen and her team we can meet here. And it is Cup Day. Well, no, actually” it’s Xmas Day, the fact no bishop ever knew…the time before the big race out at Tangmalangaloo “ (John O’Brien, alias Mgr Hartigan ) Marie would like us to remember that Mgr Hartigan was the chaplain here whom Mgr Crennan replaced back in the early fifties. And so it is quite fitting to have with us to-day yet another luminary in

How have God’s plan for your life been different than your plans for your life?

Listening to the signs

Fire, Floods, Hunger, Poverty…

How can we accompany those suffering the aftermath of fire, floods, hunger, poverty… Do we have the resources to help? Would changing our personal life style make a difference? How?How can ‘I’ make a difference?

International Day Against the Trafficking in Persons Tuesday, 30th July 2019

World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2019 is held on July 30th 2019, and is an annual event. People trafficking and modern day slavery is a massive worldwide problem with very few countries immune to human trafficking, and the event by the United Nations is to raise awareness and increase prevention of that.




children of mixed cultures sharing smile

New Zealand mourns loved lives lost and celebrates the power of strength, and diversity.

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