World Interfaith Harmony Week

World Harmony Week

  The World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition is a 7 day global challenge to promote acts of peace, collaboration, and tolerance between people of all faith, spiritual, and humanistic traditions. Beginning on February 1st and going through February 7th, individuals and teams will use the spirit of coopetition to inspire collaborative acts of service to give back to their communities and strengthen mutual respect, understanding, and harmony between people of all backgrounds. This video has the potential to change your mind, heart and soul forever. Is there something you can do to help change our world – one small act of kindness could become addictive… contagious. Give it a

World Interfaith Harmony Week is Near – Be Prepared!

Prepare for World Interfaith Harmony Week Feb 1st – 7th by joining the Compassion Games This video has the potential to change your mind, heart and soul forever. Is there something you can do to help change our world – one small act of kindness could become addictive… contagious. Give it a go. The Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest have been played in prisons and high-schools to dramatically change the culture… Disclaimer: The facts of the story are true but the people shown in the video are not the people that participated in the Compassion Games. The prison authorities gave us permission to share this video.

World Day of Peace 2018

Let's make peace a visible presence in our word.

A Reflection on Pope Francis’ 2018 World Day of Peace message “Migrants and Refugees: Men and Women in Search of Peace.”

Sr Elizabeth Snedden RSCJ – BOOK LAUNCH

Elizabeth Snedden Book Launch

The Eros of the Human Spirit The Writings of Bernard Lonergan, SJ By Elizabeth J. Snedden Sister Elizabeth J Snedden, RSCJ, has twice had the benefit of a Lonergan Fellowship at Boston College. She is originally from Auckland, New Zealand where she currently lectures in spirituality and theology at Good Shepherd College, and The Catholic Institute of Theology of New Zealand. She has taught for many years in Sacred Heart Schools in Australia and New Zealand, and holds a doctorate in Theology from Melbourne University of Divinity in Australia.       You are invited to a book launch Saturday, December 9, 2017 3.00 – 4.30 pm by Dr Kathleen

WORLD FOOD DAY – 16 October 2017

World Food Day

About World Food Day – from Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations FAO celebrates World Food Day each year on 16 October to commemorate the founding of the Organization in 1945. Events are organized in over 150 countries across the world, making it one of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar. These events promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure food security and nutritious diets for all. World Food Day is a chance to show our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 – to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030. It’s also a day for us

International Day of Prayer for Peace

With God all things are possible.

Vote for Women

Kate Sheppard

On 19 September, 1893 New Zealand became the first self-governing country to grant the right to vote to all adult women. In 1893 Kate Sheppard and her fellow suffragists gathered the signatures of nearly 32,000 women to demonstrate the groundswell of support for their cause. A 270-m-long petition – then the largest ever presented to Parliament – was unrolled across the chamber of the House with dramatic effect. Despite the opposition of Premier Richard Seddon, the Electoral Act 1893 was passed by both houses of Parliament and became law on 19 September. The news took New Zealand by storm and inspired suffrage movements all over the world.   

Shhh! National Quiet Day in the UK

Shhh! National Quiet Day in the UK

Thursday 14th September 2017 Shhh! It’s National Quiet Day in the UK Let’s join them. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy a little sanctuary in silence.

RSCJ Provincials Meet in France

New Provincials Meet in Joigny

Sr Lynette Toohey, Provincial of the Australia – New Zealand Province, will leave on Sept 11 for Joigny, France, the birth place of St Madeleine Sophie Barat, to join eight other RSCJ who have recently been appointed to Provincial Leadership in their respective provinces. Their intensive programme will run for 10 days. “Please keep me in your prayers during this time. I trust that it will be a time rich in learning, relationships and steeped in Sophie’s spirit. Be assured that I will hold each one of you very especially in my prayer and heart as we gather in Sophie’s birthplace and hometown.” – Lynette We farewell Lynette with our

Season of Creation 1 Sept – 4 Oct

Season of Creation
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