Seeing with the Heart

Seeing with the Heart

The heart observes all that the eye fails to see.

Mater Admirabilis

May Mater keep us throughout our busy and overcrowded days in the radiance of the things that are not seen. Marie Therese de Lescure October 20th marks the Feast Day of Mater Admirabilis Many internet sites cover the story of Mater Admirabilis including this charming YouTube clip, which is delightful. Many thanks to the Sacred Heart Grade 11 girls in Halifax who prepared this video for the Feast of Mater Admirabilis October 20, 2014    



The students at Kincoppal-Rose Bay celebrate Sacred Heart Day on a date that fits in with the school calendar as often the feast occurs it the holidays.  The two or three occasions when it does coincide the RSCJ in Sydney have attended the Mass and renewed their vows.  This was greatly appreciated by both staff and the students old enough to understand.  This year as Sacred Heart Day was celebrated before the feast I was asked at the Mass to say something about the vows in place of an actual renewal.  I wanted to share with you what I, representing the RSCJ, offered in few words as an understanding of

Philippine Duchesne – 200 years Crossing Frontiers

Philippine Duchesne – 200 years Crossing Frontiers

Society of the Sacred Heart Spirituality Forum 2017 Philippine Duchesne: Celebrating Her Life and Legacy July 12-16, 2017 Featured Speakers: Catherine Mooney Lives That Matter: Philippine Duchesne and Solidarity Across Frontiers Gerardette Philips RSCJ Crossing Religious Frontiers: Discovering Anew the Interior Life Priscilla Solomon CSJ All My Relations: Circle of Life To register and/or get more information, click here.

27 March Reflection Quote

"To be the Heart of God on earth means to go to the heart of life with the attitudes and feelings of the Heart of Christ, that was the fundamental intuition of Madeleine Sophie; it is what makes our name intrinsic to our vocation as RSCJ>" Patricia de Quevedo, Conference to Probanists, June 2000.

The vocation of Religious of the Sacred Heart is to go to the heart of life with the attitudes and feelings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. – when you hear the expression ‘to be the Heart of God on earth’ what does it mean to you? – what would you say are the attitudes and feelings of the Heart of Jesus? – how do you express the attitudes and feelings of the Heart of Jesus in your life?

1 March Reflection Quote

"In every happening, every situation, in the simplest things of daily life, look long at Christ so as to respond according to His Heart." Helen McLaughlin, Letter, 8 September 1981.

This is what union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus looks like – responding to daily life according to His Heart. – do you sometimes tend to dismiss simple, daily things as unimportant? – how do you nurture attentiveness to small details? – when have you felt that you responded to a situation according to the Heart of Jesus?

Resources for Lent 2017

"At the basis of everything is the word of God, which during this season we are invited to hear and ponder more deeply." Pope Francis, Message for Lent 2017. Photo of a hooded person looking out to sea.

Pope Francis’ Message for Lent 2017 Pope Francis’ Message for Lent 2017 focuses on the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. Its title is The Word is a Gift. Other Persons are a Gift and you can find the full text here. Our Province offers these Reflections on Pope Francis Message for Lent 2017 to encourage members of the Sacred Heart Family to reflect on Pope Francis’ Message in the light of core elements of our spirituality, and the calls, or major directions, identified by General Chapter 2016. Links to Resources Catholic Religious Australia provides links to a wide range of resources for Lent 2017 on this page. Here

2 February Reflection Quote

"We want to be instruments of mercy, above all for the forgotten and the excluded." Patricia Garcia de Quevedo, Conference to Probanists, June 1998.

Mercy is a disposition of the Heart of God. When we reveal the love of the Heart of God, we are instruments of mercy. And closeness to the Heart of God draws us close to those for whom God has a special love – the forgotten and excluded. – when have you experienced God’s mercy? – in what ways might you act as an instrument of mercy? – who are the forgotten and the excluded in your local community?

18 December Reflection Quote

"This is the moment to consider whether our contemplation and our action are sufficiently one." - Concepcion Camacho, Letter, 19 March 1978.

St Madeleine Sophie Barat was initially attracted to the Carmelites, a contemplative religious institute devoted to prayer whose members live in enclosure. Sophie became convinced that, rather than withdrawing from the world into prayer, God wanted her to combine prayer with action in the world. – are your prayer and action part of a single movement like breathing in and breathing out? – do your give more weight to prayer or to action? – in what areas could your contemplation of the world and your action in it be more congruent?

Pope Francis Prays for Respect for Women

screen shot from the Pope Video on respect for women: woman writing scientific formula on glass board

Pope Francis’ s universal prayer intention for May is That in every country of the world, women may be honored and respected and that their essential contribution to society may be highly esteemed. Watch the Pope Video

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