World Interfaith Harmony Week is Near – Be Prepared!

Prepare for World Interfaith Harmony Week Feb 1st – 7th by joining the Compassion Games This video has the potential to change your mind, heart and soul forever. Is there something you can do to help change our world – one small act of kindness could become addictive… contagious. Give it a go. The Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest have been played in prisons and high-schools to dramatically change the culture… Disclaimer: The facts of the story are true but the people shown in the video are not the people that participated in the Compassion Games. The prison authorities gave us permission to share this video.

29th May Reflection

29th May Reflection

Nature’s power of attraction beckons us to become one with all that is. How many opportunities do we miss every minute of each and every day? How often do I allow nature to capture my attention?

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