JPIC Meeting in the Philippines

We are people of peace

Visit www.rscjinternational.org for updates on the recent Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation meeting in the Philippines. RSCJ gathered to discuss a common direction for the Society of the Sacred Heart, worldwide. The following video expresses gratitude to all who contributed to making the meeting such a huge success.www.rscjinternational.org/news/jpic-meeting-thank-you

Wise Words for Today

Wise Words for Today

Wise Words for Today

"It isn't just a question of being educators for peace and justice, but also of having the certainty that to educate is in itself an act of justice." - Clare Pratt RSCJ

Wise Words for Today

"Each one should ask herself whether by her attitude or her ignorance she contributes to injustice in the world." - Concepcion Comacho RSCJ

19th May Reflection

When the passion of the mystic for God is married to the passion of the activist for justice a new fire is born. - Andrew Harvey

God tenderly sits and waits with us until we are renewed and ready to continue the journey. God moves at our pace. Am I satisfied with the time I set aside for God?

25 April Reflection

Take time to integrate justice, peace, and integrity as a priority in your daily life.

How do I integrate Justice, Peace and Integrity in my daily life? How much time do I allow to reflect on these essentials?

22 April Reflection

"Let us not be afraid to cut down our needs, to let ourselves be jolted, to change a lifestyle that is sometimes too comfortable." - Helen McLaughlin RSCJ

How can living our lives through the lens of justice, peace and integrity of creation open us to a new way of living our lives today?

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