A Lenten Reflection

Fast from words so that you can listen

DO YOU WANT TO FAST THIS LENT? In the words of Pope Francis… Fast from hurting words and say kind words. Fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude. Fast from anger and be filled with patience. Fast from pessimism and be filled with hope. Fast from worries and have trust in God. Fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity. Fast from pressures and be prayerful. Fast from bitterness and fill your hearts with joy. Fast from selfishness and be compassionate to others. Fast from grudges and be reconciled. Fast from words and be silent so you can listen.    

Resources for Lent 2017

"At the basis of everything is the word of God, which during this season we are invited to hear and ponder more deeply." Pope Francis, Message for Lent 2017. Photo of a hooded person looking out to sea.

Pope Francis’ Message for Lent 2017 Pope Francis’ Message for Lent 2017 focuses on the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. Its title is The Word is a Gift. Other Persons are a Gift and you can find the full text here. Our Province offers these Reflections on Pope Francis Message for Lent 2017 to encourage members of the Sacred Heart Family to reflect on Pope Francis’ Message in the light of core elements of our spirituality, and the calls, or major directions, identified by General Chapter 2016. Links to Resources Catholic Religious Australia provides links to a wide range of resources for Lent 2017 on this page. Here

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