Philippine Duchesne

Philippine Duchesne – 200 years Crossing Frontiers

Philippine Duchesne – 200 years Crossing Frontiers

Society of the Sacred Heart Spirituality Forum 2017 Philippine Duchesne: Celebrating Her Life and Legacy July 12-16, 2017 Featured Speakers: Catherine Mooney Lives That Matter: Philippine Duchesne and Solidarity Across Frontiers Gerardette Philips RSCJ Crossing Religious Frontiers: Discovering Anew the Interior Life Priscilla Solomon CSJ All My Relations: Circle of Life To register and/or get more information, click here.

2 December Reflection Quote

"Christian love, giving our life to others, is a road fraught with suffering and failures - but this road leads to life's only true joy and success." Helen McLaughin, Symposium for Canonisation of Rose Philippine Duchesne, 2 July 1988.

St Philippine Duchesne is remembered in the USA as a frontierswoman, and certainly she suffered the harsh reality of life on the frontier. She also suffered from feeling that she was a failure. However today we see clearly the fruit of her work. – what can we learn from the steadfast love that drove Philippine Duchesne? – how are we giving our lives to others in love? – where do we find joy and a sense of success?

Risk Management & Rebecca Moments

Risk Management & Rebecca Moments

In 2018 the Society of the Sacred Heart will celebrate the 200th anniversary of St Philippine Duchesne and companions setting out for the ‘New World’ in the Rebecca. It is worth reflecting on this ‘Rebecca moment’ as we discern how to live our mission in the new worlds that are emerging today.  In this imaginative exercise Province Director of Mission Sandie Cornish invites us to reflect on what we can learn from the ‘Rebecca moment’ for how we manage risk for mission. Download the resource the-mission-to-america-managing-risk-for-mission.

135 Years of RSCJ Presence

Celebrating 135 years of RSCJ in Aotearoa New Zealand

19 January marks the 135th anniversary of the arrival of the first Religious of the Sacred Heart in Aotearoa New Zealand, and thus the beginning of the RSCJ presence in what is now the Australia New Zealand Province. This year is also the 75th anniversary of the beatification of Philippine Duchesne, whose 30th anniversary of her canonization will take place in 2018.Our Province has a special link to Philippine.  She took the Society of the Sacred Heart to the USA and RSCJ from the USA brought the Society to Aotearoa New Zealand.  They were the first RSCJ in what is now the Australia New Zealand Province. The graphics in the Province Orientation Handbook 2015 reflect

Reflections on St Philippine Duchesne

Detail of icon of St Philippine Duchesne, cropped tightly around eyes.

St Philippine Duchesne holds a special place in the history of the Society of the Sacred Heart.  One of the Society’s two recognized saints, Philippine was the first to take the Society of the Sacred Heart beyond Europe. The Religious of the Sacred Heart in the USA – Canada Province offer a series of reflections on St Philippine Duchesne on their website: Philippine: Woman with a Global Heart Philippine in the Communion of Saints We are Philippine’s Legacy Waiting, Always Waiting for the Vision to be Fulfilled Whispers from Heaven Courage and Confidence in our Lives Today Philippine Honored in a Special Way in St Louis Carrying on the Mission

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