19 November Reflection Quote

"Only the consideration of people and events in the light of prayer can impel us to take part in building a more human world, and to feel the urgency of its needs." Concepcion Camacho, Letter introducing the General Chapter Documents, 28 November 1970.

Sometimes we may be tempted to pray for people and events rather than responding to urgent needs. Concepcion Camacho RSCJ, is a former Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart. She suggests that contemplative prayer leads us to feel and respond to the urgent needs of the world.

Reflecting on her words we can ask ourselves:
– do our prayers embrace the whole human family and its needs?
– contemplating the people and events of the day, do we encounter the pierced Heart of Jesus?
– how are we taking part in building a more human world?

19 November Reflection Quote


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