21 November Reflection Quote

"Our Holy Mother gave the Society the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be with the Heart of Jesus the seal of its religious consecration. It is int he depths of this most pure source that the Society must discover the secret of interior life upon which it is essentially based." Marie Therese de Lescure, Circular Letter, January 1949.

The Abridged Plan of the Institute of the Society of the Sacred Heart begins:
In the name, and for the glory of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and of Mary…

The Society has always honored the Immaculate Heart of Mary because it is so in tune with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We can learn from Mary how we too may ponder things in our hearts.

As we reflect on the words of Marie Therese de Lescure RSCJ, we can ask ourselves:
– what is our experience of ‘interior life’?
– is contemplation the essential base of our actions?
– what does Mary have to teach us today?

21 November Reflection Quote