An Astonishing Secret – Daniel O’Leary

A group of RSCJ are studying this much loved book which has been a favourite for a few years now. It is bringing to life the wonder of creation and our collective responsibility to nurture, honour and reverence our evolving universe. “…When the New Universe Story captures our hearts with a profound and transforming wonder when the courage and hope of oppressed people on a mutilated Earth are experienced as the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit within, then, and only then, are we living within the Incarnation,”

OUR HOPE……is that readers will be attracted to the astonishing story spread across these pages. Inspired by selected writings of Pope Francis it offers an exciting revelation about God, about Creation, about Incarnation, about the Wonder of You. Be prepared to fall in love again with a God, a Creator whose only concern is your happiness and well-being. For your own sake, for the sake of your children and the world they will inhabit, you just cannot afford to ignore it.

evolving universe
An Astonishing Secret – Daniel O’Leary
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