Building Community as a Christian Value

These criteria are used to assess the success with which a Sacred Heart school has promoted building community as a Christian value:

    1.          The School invites all its members: students, parents, staff, alumnae and members of associated groups, into active participation as a community.
    2.         The School community welcomes students from varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.  It provides students with opportunities to understand and appreciate differences of race, religion and culture.
    3.         The School offers students a positive experience of community and a preparation for responsible citizenship.
    4.         The School aims to prepare students to live cooperatively in a global and technological society.
    5.         The School respects the rights and well-being of all who form the school community.
    6.         The School participates actively in the Provincial and International networks of Sacred Heart Schools.
Building Community as a Christian Value
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