Discernment App from USA Canada Province

The USA Canada Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart has released an innovative discernment app for young adults. Although the real life contact points are geared to the north American context, other elements could be useful to young adults in Australia and New Zealand.

The Call Me Back app has eight components:

  1. Faceworld is a way to reflect on the world context, social issues and the reality of young adults today.
  2. My Route is to explore the questions and intuitions, opportunities and calls of their lives.
  3. Belonging is a tool for reflecting on one’s experience of belonging to a group, a project, a dream.
  4. My Creations helps people to get in touch with their creative experience through drawings, music, etc.
  5. My Journal helps people learn and apply guides for prayer, daily examen (a technique of prayerful reflection on the events of the day in order to discern God’s desires), principles of discernment and praying with some of the Society of the Sacred Heart’s founding mothers like Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat and Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne.
  6. My inspiration contains quotes from the Gospel, Oscar Romero, Martin Luther King, and others to inspire.
  7. My Toolkit contains the different activities and workshops the Society of the Sacred Heart has to offer (e.g., retreats, leadership training, shadowing a sister, service learning, project design, etc.)
  8. Home: Portal where one finds access to various areas of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

Here’s a video introducing each component;

Discernment App from USA Canada Province
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