Forms of Human Trafficking

Child traffickingThe Society of the Sacred Heart is involved with the work of raising awareness of Trafficking of Humans. We have members belonging to ANZRATH (Aotearoa New Zealand Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) and ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans). Another excellent, pro-active organisation, Stop the Traffik offers an in depth understanding of the many forms of trafficking existing in every corner of our world. Sexual exploitation, Labour exploitation, domestic servitude, forced marriage, organ harvesting, drug trade, child soldiers…
We invite you to visit these websites and learn more about the horrendous activities that are happening close to home. Know how to recognise the insidious signs and how to report them to the appropriate authorities. Human trafficking in all its forms, is a serious crime that needs to be stopped immediately. You can become more involved by contacting any of the organisations listed above.

Forms of Human Trafficking
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