International Priorities of the RSCJ

General Chapters discern the international priorities of the Society of the Sacred Heart. This reflects the fact that we are one Society with one mission. However it is up to each Province to discern at the local level its own ways of responding to these priorities.


Priorities of the Society of the Sacred Heart 2016 – 2024

General Chapter 2016 discerned four calls that will guide the Society for the next eight years. These calls are to:

      • reach new frontiers
      • live more humanly
      • create silence
      • be and to act as one body

In November 2016 the Australia New Zealand Province held a Special Purpose Assembly to receive the General Chapter calls. The process of unpacking the calls and discerning Province responses to them continues to unfold.


Priorities 2008-2016

The previous General Chapter discerned five priorities of the Society of the Sacred Heart. The General Chapter 2008 document describes them as doors by which to enter the Society’s spirituality, or visible expressions of that spirituality. Thus they continue to help us to enter into the Society’s spirituality. They are:

      • dialogue towards communion
      • contemplation
      • community
      • justice, peace and the integrity of creation in solidarity with those who are the most vulnerable
      • a priority for young people

This Prezi provides an overview of the 2008 priorities and a prayer for each of them.