Risk Management & Rebecca Moments

Risk Management & Rebecca Moments

In 2018 the Society of the Sacred Heart will celebrate the 200th anniversary of St Philippine Duchesne and companions setting out for the ‘New World’ in the Rebecca. It is worth reflecting on this ‘Rebecca moment’ as we discern how to live our mission in the new worlds that are emerging today.  In this imaginative exercise Province Director of Mission Sandie Cornish invites us to reflect on what we can learn from the ‘Rebecca moment’ for how we manage risk for mission. Download the resource the-mission-to-america-managing-risk-for-mission.

5 Doors to Sacred Heart Spirituality

organic doorway

General Chapter 2008 described the international priorities which it discerned as five doors to the spirituality of the Society of the Sacred Heart.  This prezi highlights some of the things that the chapter said about dialogue, contemplation, community, justice, peace and the integrity of creation, and our priority for young people.  It includes a prayer for each priority adapted from the words of the Chapter 2008 document.  

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