Our Mission

We seek to discover and make known the love of God in the world. Like our founder St Madeleine Sophie Barat, we approach all that we do with the heart of an educator.   In addition to the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, we take a fourth vow of education. This is our way of sharing in the mission of the Church.

For us the Heart of Christ is the source and symbol of the revelation of God’s love (Constitutions of 1982, n 3).

What We Do

There are three main ministries or ways in which we carry out our mission today:

  • Teaching & Formation (schools and universities, youth groups, adult education, family services)
  • Human Development & Justice (serving those whose development is impeded or who are deprived of human rights)
  • Pastoral Ministry & Guidance in Faith (catechetics and the preparation of catechists, parish and diocesan work, formation of Christian communities, retreats, spiritual direction, ecumenical dialogue)

(Supplement to the Constitutions of 1982, n 13)

Our Ministries in Australia & New Zealand

Teaching & Formation

There are four schools of the Sacred Heart in our Province: Baradene College, Auckland; Kincoppal-Rose Bay, Sydney; Sacre Coeur, Melbourne; and Stuartholme, Brisbane.

RSCJ are also involved in: university research and teaching; leading a university college; school chaplaincy; tutoring refugee students; English classes for migrants; and the University of the 3rd Age.

Human Development & Justice

The RSCJ of our Province are involved in ministries with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and with refugees and asylum seekers.  We are also active in awareness raising, prayer and advocacy across a range of issues concerning justice, peace and the integrity of creation.

Pastoral Ministry & Guidance in Faith

We are engaged in a wide variety of pastoral work and spirituality ministries including: spiritual direction and retreats; family support; visiting the sick and the elderly; parish and neigbourhood work; psychotherapy  nursing and natural healing.

Our International Priorities

The 2008 General Chapter of the Society of the Sacred Heart discerned five priorities which were considered to be doors by which to enter the Society’s spirituality, or visible expressions of that spirituality.  They were:

      • dialogue towards communion
      • contemplation
      • community
      • justice, peace and the integrity of creation in solidarity with those who are the most vulnerable
      • a priority for young people

This Prezi provides an overview of the priorities and a prayer for each of them.