A Good New Story

clouds depicting the Spirit The Compassion Games, Survival of the Kindest, have been played in prisons and high-schools to dramatically change the culture. Disclaimer: The facts of the story are true but the people shown in the video are not the people that participated in the Compassion Games. The prison authorities gave us permission to share this video.

Building Community as a Christian Value

hearts in sky

These criteria are used to assess the success with which a Sacred Heart school has promoted building community as a Christian value:          The School invites all its members: students, parents, staff, alumnae and members of associated groups, into active participation as a community.         The School community welcomes students from varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.  It provides students with opportunities to understand and appreciate differences of race, religion and culture.         The School offers students a positive experience of community and a preparation for responsible citizenship.         The School aims to prepare students to live cooperatively in a global and technological

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