Children as Agents of Social Transformation

photo of coloured pencils in a starburst arrangement

The Society of the Sacred Heart’s first written submission to the United Nations Social Development Commission focused on the dialectical methodology of Popular Education.  The Medical Mission Sisters joined our UN office in making this submission, titled Children as Agents of Social Transformation for a Sustainable Future. The submission explains that RSCJ “in Latin America have been carrying out our educational mission for over 160 years through formal education and popular education, focusing in general on those on the margins of society, those who are desperately poor and those who are excluded from participation in society. Children living in poverty have our special attention.”  From this experience the Society affirms “the centrality

Deep Respect for Intellectual Values

photo of labriynth

The following criteria are used to assess the success with which a Sacred Heart school has instilled a deep respect for intellectual values:          The School encourages a love of learning.          The School encourages staff and students to aspire to personal excellence.          The School offers curriculum that is pertinent and challenging – promoting the creative use of the imagination, ethical and aesthetic values as well as reflection, analysis and synthesis.           The School nurtures and celebrates the diverse gifts of the students and caters for different learning styles.

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