Sacred Heart Education

The Francis Effect: Living the Joy of the Gospel

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Catholic Mission Australia has collaborated with Catholic Religious Australia to produce a collection of reflections on Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. It can be read online as an ebookor you can order a copy from Catholic Mission. Province Director of Mission, Sandie Cornish, contributed a reflection on the social dimension of evangelization.  

International Day for the Elimination of Poverty

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The International community celebrates the International Day for the Elimination of Poverty on 17 October. This reflection sheet on the International Day for the Elimination of Poverty introduces the major contemporary approaches to understanding poverty, reflects on key elements of the response of the Society of the Sacred Heart, and provides some questions for personal or group reflection.

Fair Trade Easter Egg Campaign

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Are you planning to buy Easter Eggs? As a member of ACRATH, the Society of the Sacred Heart is supporting the Fair Trade Easter Egg campaign.  It is part of our commitment to end trafficking in persons and labour exploitation. Read more about the Fair trade Chocolate Easter Campaign  or follow the Facebook Page  

Personal Growth in an Atmosphere of Wise Freedom

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The following criteria are used to assess the success with which a Sacred Heart school has promoted personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom:          The School fosters genuine respect, concern and support for each member of the school community.          The School enables all of its members to grow towards wholeness through realization of their individual potential.          The School encourages self-discipline, guiding students to take responsibility for their own lives and actions.           The School provides opportunities and training for the development of leadership.

Building Community as a Christian Value

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These criteria are used to assess the success with which a Sacred Heart school has promoted building community as a Christian value:          The School invites all its members: students, parents, staff, alumnae and members of associated groups, into active participation as a community.         The School community welcomes students from varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.  It provides students with opportunities to understand and appreciate differences of race, religion and culture.         The School offers students a positive experience of community and a preparation for responsible citizenship.         The School aims to prepare students to live cooperatively in a global and technological

Social Awarenes that Impels to Action

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The following criteria are used to assess the success with which a Sacred Heart schools has promoted a social awareness that impels to action:         The School curricula, policies and practices offer students opportunities for reflection on, and evaluation of, society and its diverse values.          The School encourages students to be involved in social justice programs.          Students are encouraged to value and protect the natural environment through an awareness of ecological issues.          Christian values form the basis of the Schools’ structures, curricula, policies and practice.

Deep Respect for Intellectual Values

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The following criteria are used to assess the success with which a Sacred Heart school has instilled a deep respect for intellectual values:          The School encourages a love of learning.          The School encourages staff and students to aspire to personal excellence.          The School offers curriculum that is pertinent and challenging – promoting the creative use of the imagination, ethical and aesthetic values as well as reflection, analysis and synthesis.           The School nurtures and celebrates the diverse gifts of the students and caters for different learning styles.