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Society of the Sacred Heart – New Frontiers

Society of the Sacred Heart – New Frontiers

Joint newsletter of JPIC International and the UN_NGO  A quarterly Newsletter for Global Education and Advocacy   A See, Judge, Act Reflection: The Earth is, the Lord’s, and all that is in it. —Psalm 24:1 THE IMPACTS OF MINING. By the Integrity of Creation Working Group, JPIC Commission, USG-UISG Rome, Italy (2014). Click here for the book.     

Laudato Si!

photo of trees in the fog at Stuartholme by Sandie Cornish

Pope Francis’ much anticipated encyclical on the environment has arrived!  Lauadto Si – On the Care of Our Common Home – takes its title from the famous canticle of St Francis of Assisi. Like Pope Francis, the Society of the Sacred Heart has recognized the ecological crisis as a major priority. The first chapter of Laudato Si contemplates what is happening to our common home, the earth. Chapter 2 presents a Biblical vision of creation, and Chapter 6 stresses the potential of Christian spirituality to motivate and support appropriate responses.  These are excellent chapters to take into our prayer as we begin to consider the analysis and directions for action