Clare Pratt RSCJ

26 February Reflection Quote

"The integration we seek is already in Jesus and it is from our union and conformity with his feelings and attitudes, his preferences and priorities that our action flows." Clare Pratt, Feast of the Sacred Heart, 2006.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus leads us to seek to be in tune with Jesus’ feelings, attitudes, preferences and priorities. This then guides our action. – when have you felt that your preferences and priorities were in tune with those of Jesus? – how do you nurture closeness to Jesus’ feelings and attitudes? – do you have a sense of coherence among or integration of your feelings, attitudes and action?

13 February Reflection Quote

13 February Reflection Quote

Sacred Heart education does not just impart knowledge or skills. It is inextricably linked to the Word of God, and to the world in which we seek to discover and reveal God. – how do our educational activities help others to read the Word of God in this time and place? – in what way does the Gospel light our educational path? – what is the Word of God addressed to you today?

1 February Reflection Quote

"Jesus is the Educator beyond compare, the Man of Peace, Source of living water, who placed the poor at the centre of the Kingdom." Clare Pratt, Letter, Feast of the Sacred Heart, 2006.

We know Jesus by many titles. Each title describes a different facet of what he does and who he is. Clare Pratt places three titles for Jesus together, reminding us not to reduce Jesus to our favorite title alone. – How are these three titles linked to Jesus placing the poor at the center of the Kingdom? – Which title do you feel the most attracted to? Which is most challenging for you? – How does Jesus inspire your service of education, service of peace, and service of life?

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