Concepcion Comacho RSCJ

8 February Reflection Quote

"It is only when we cease to torment ourselves with our limitations and to receive ourselves, as it were, from the loving hands of the Father that we can experience authentic liberty in Jesus Christ." Concepcion Comacho, Conference on Vows, re Poverty, p 73.

For some of us, it is easier to receive others as a gift from the loving hands of God, than to see ourselves in this way. To see ourselves in this way frees us to be who God made us to be. Our limitations remain, but they need not enslave us. – how has self-acceptance made you freer? – what happens when you are tormented by your limitations? – when have you had a sense of being a gift from the loving hands of God?

4 February Reflection Quote

"It is only in the school of Jesus' Heart that we shall learn the secret of His vulnerability, the sign of His sensitivity and His love." Concepcion Camacho, 21 November 1974.

When we love others, we open ourselves to them, and we are sensitive to their joys and pains. The willingness to be vulnerable is a sign of love, and it demands courage and strength. – how might vulnerability be a sign of sensitivity and love? – has contemplating the Heart of Jesus taught you to be vulnerable? – who are the vulnerable ones who most need us to be the Heart of God?

18 December Reflection Quote

"This is the moment to consider whether our contemplation and our action are sufficiently one." - Concepcion Camacho, Letter, 19 March 1978.

St Madeleine Sophie Barat was initially attracted to the Carmelites, a contemplative religious institute devoted to prayer whose members live in enclosure. Sophie became convinced that, rather than withdrawing from the world into prayer, God wanted her to combine prayer with action in the world. – are your prayer and action part of a single movement like breathing in and breathing out? – do your give more weight to prayer or to action? – in what areas could your contemplation of the world and your action in it be more congruent?

11 December Reflection Quote

"The Spirit, present and alive within us, will give us the sensitivity, strength and constancy we need to carry out our mission today." Concepcion Camacho, Letter to the Society, 21 June 1974.

We have the assurance that the Spirit will be with us always, guiding us in mission. – what are the qualities that we most need to carry out our mission today? – how can we stay in tune with the Spirit, present and alive within us? – which aspects of our mission activities most require sensitivity? Which require strength? And which require constancy?

19 November Reflection Quote

"Only the consideration of people and events in the light of prayer can impel us to take part in building a more human world, and to feel the urgency of its needs." Concepcion Camacho, Letter introducing the General Chapter Documents, 28 November 1970.

Sometimes we may be tempted to pray for people and events rather than responding to urgent needs. Concepcion Camacho RSCJ, is a former Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart. She suggests that contemplative prayer leads us to feel and respond to the urgent needs of the world. Reflecting on her words we can ask ourselves: – do our prayers embrace the whole human family and its needs? – contemplating the people and events of the day, do we encounter the pierced Heart of Jesus? – how are we taking part in building a more human world?

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