Eulogy for Sr Margaret Monica McGivern R.I.P

Eulogy for Sr Margaret Monica McGivern R.I.P

Janet Erskine Stuart, one of our English Congregational Leaders in the Society of the Sacred Heart and a great Educator, wrote an appreciation of her nuns. She called them God’s Middlemen. Without fanfare these sisters carried the burden of the day, full of deep desires while fulfilling simple duties daily done. Monica McGivern was, I feel, just one of those middleman who lived her spiritual life faithfully and served faithfully in whatever task she was asked to do. So let us look at Monica’s life. Monica was born in Grey Lynn, Auckland on 25 May 1917, the third child and only daughter of William James McGivern and Maud Kay She

Helen Gilroy, RIP Eulogy

Sr Helen Gilroy, RSCJ

EULOGY FOR SISTER HELEN GILROY 6th January 1918 – 7th December 2017 Our Sister Helen Gilroy, whom her family know as Auntie Nell and we often called Gillie, made a frequent song request at community sing-alongs: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.”  I suspect that she was singing to Jesus, her beloved, but for many other people it was she herself who brought sunshine into the lives of others. As unifying centre of her network of family; as tender infirmarian helping so many RSCJ to die well over the years; as welcomer of the lost and lonely at the Crypt in Wellington; as gifted and well-loved teacher;  or homebody

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