Janet Stuart RSCJ

12 March Reflection Quote

"When God says one word it makes the impossible possible, and the unlovely lovely, and the unmeaning become a revealation." Janet Stuart, in Maud Monahan, Life and Letters, p 258.

We can sometimes forget that God is God. Janet Erskine Stuart RSCJ reminds us that all things are possible for God. – can you recall a moment of revelation in which you saw that what appeared to be unlovely was actually lovely? – have you ever been aware of God’s presence when you have done something that you didn’t believe possible? – have you ever unexpectedly found meaning in something mundane?

7 February Reflection Quote

"Our education is not meant to turn the children out small and finished, but seriously begun on a wide basis." Janet Stuart, in Maud Monahan: Life and Letters, p 214.

This is a well-loved saying of Janet Erskine Stuart’s. In our rapidly changing times, to excite intellectual curiosity and to impart the skill of critical thinking, rather than simply teaching content, is even more important than in Janet’s time. For each one of us our education and formation are ongoing journeys. They help us to become more fully human. – do you nurture a seriousness about your own growth? – how might we value broad and holistic approaches in a highly specialized world? – in what ways can our educational efforts contribute towards integral human development?