St Philippine Duchesne

2 December Reflection Quote

"Christian love, giving our life to others, is a road fraught with suffering and failures - but this road leads to life's only true joy and success." Helen McLaughin, Symposium for Canonisation of Rose Philippine Duchesne, 2 July 1988.

St Philippine Duchesne is remembered in the USA as a frontierswoman, and certainly she suffered the harsh reality of life on the frontier. She also suffered from feeling that she was a failure. However today we see clearly the fruit of her work. – what can we learn from the steadfast love that drove Philippine Duchesne? – how are we giving our lives to others in love? – where do we find joy and a sense of success?

17 November Reflection Quote

"I feel I am a worn out tool, a useless stick, fir only to fill a hidden corner out of sight." Philippine Duchesne, letter to Madeleine Sophie Barat, 9 November 1834.

Tomorrow we celebrate the Feast of St Philippine Duchesne. She often felt herself a failure but others recognized her holiness and today she is honored by the whole Church as a saint. Philippine is honored by the Society of the Sacred Heart as a courageous missionary. She was the first to take the Society beyond France, an important step in realizing St Madeleine Sophie Barat’s founding vision of a universal communion of adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In time Philippine’s work bore great fruit. Reflecting on Philippine’s words, we may ask ourselves: – Are there times when we feel worn out and useless? – How might God’s work