The Gathering Place in Redfern

Sr Esmey Herscovitch RSCJ lives in a small house called the Gathering Place in Redfern.  She says,“I’m learning all the time. We Religious of the Sacred Heart describe ourselves as an educational congregation. And education is not just one way, its two-way, and I learn from the locals here.”

“I learn from their capacity to wait, their resilience, and their appreciation of what’s given them, their fidelity to their families…I’ve learned to love them.”

“I’ve also learned to love their music. I’m coming to understand the culture a little. It’s a very rich culture and many of us don’t realize that.”

Read more about Sr Esmey’s quiet ministry of presence and friendship here.

The Gathering Place in Redfern
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One thought on “The Gathering Place in Redfern

  • May 22, 2013 at 07:04

    I enjoyed reading this article which uncovers Esmey Herscovitch’ dedicated ministry, highlighting the great love and respect she shares with the Aboriginal community in Redfern.