RSCJ Sisters Prepare for Chapter

Hands in prayer

During past months, each of our districts and provinces around the world have been holding their respective Chapters in preparation for the coming General Chapter to be help near Rome, in August 2024. In preparation for this Chapter RSCJ have been fully involved in ongoing conversations sharing thoughts, ideas, hopes and desires around ways in which will help to organise ourselves and determine our pathways into the future. Sr Barbara Dawson, Superior General and her Team will finish their 8-year mandate in August. The next Superior General will be nominated by delegates at the Chapter.We deeply appreciate your support and prayer during this pivotal moment in the history of the

RSCJ Provincials Meet in France

New Provincials Meet in Joigny

Sr Lynette Toohey, Provincial of the Australia – New Zealand Province, will leave on Sept 11 for Joigny, France, the birth place of St Madeleine Sophie Barat, to join eight other RSCJ who have recently been appointed to Provincial Leadership in their respective provinces. Their intensive programme will run for 10 days. “Please keep me in your prayers during this time. I trust that it will be a time rich in learning, relationships and steeped in Sophie’s spirit. Be assured that I will hold each one of you very especially in my prayer and heart as we gather in Sophie’s birthplace and hometown.” – Lynette We farewell Lynette with our

RSCJ Gather to Discover New Ways of Organising Ourselves

RSCJ Gather to Discover New Ways of Organising Ourselves

Gathering at Baulkham Hills to begin the process of reimagining how we organise ourselves I still have ringing in my mind the final hymn I am with you on the journey and I will never leave you … and we are on a journey that has truly begun but the process was part of a continuum and this gathering was another step in the process; it was obvious that it was so and there is still much work and reflection before decisions are made. Hints of spring in budding wattle and later sunrises and sunsets added a note of hopefulness. Much of the time we worked at our tables in

RSCJ Gather to Discover New Ways of Organising Ourselves

RSCJ Gather to Discover New Ways of Organising Ourselves

On August 1st, 2017, those still able to travel the distance greeted each other with genuine longing to be together, ready to embark upon the hard work needing to be addressed. I felt a sense of connection with all, past and present, who had journeyed with us in former years, but who can no longer physically manage to join such gatherings. The familiar surroundings of Baulkham Hills Spirituality Centre greeted us on arrival, its beauty promising to sustain the reflective energy levels of our group. This time together cemented the commitment that each RSCJ has for moving forward as a Australia New Zealand Province during these times of change. The

RSCJ Gather to Discover New Ways of Organising Ourselves

RSCJ Gather at Baulkham Hills

As we gathered around our tables at St Joseph’s, Baulkham Hills, for our Assembly, the small labyrinths at the centre of each table gave us a clue to the spirit in which we would explore the way we might organise ourselves in the future. If we were a commercial company we might have said that we were about to engage in some “blue sky thinking” but, for us, the image of a pilgrimage was more inspirational. The various items that are the traditional signs of a pilgrim on a journey, staff, sandals, backpack etc invited us to think creatively about what would be essential on the way ahead and what

Welcoming a New Superior General

Photo of Barbara Dawson RSCJ lighting Sophie's candle after being elected Superior General

The Australia New Zealand Province welcomes the election of Barbara Dawson RSCJ as Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart. We ask you to pray for her as she begins her eight year term. Lighting the Founder’s Candle The photo below shows Barbara lighting the candle that was by the bedside of St Madeleine Sophie Barat at the time of her death.  It is a tradition for each new Superior General to light Sophie’s candle. Outgoing Superior General Kathleen Conan RSCJ looks on. The photo appears courtesy of where you can also view a video of the celebration of Barbara Dawson’s election.

General Chapter 2016 Begins!

Photo of General Chapter 2016 meeting room

RSCJ Arrive in Nemi The international website of the Society of the Sacred Heart will post updates as the General Chapter takes place.  Visit this page for a video of participants arriving.  Can you spot Joan Pender, Lynette Toohey and Anne Corry from the Australia New Zealand Province? How many other RSCJ can you recognise? Thanks to Anne Corry (right) for this lovely photo of herself with Joan (left) and Lynette (centre) preparing for the Chapter. General Chapter Opening Liturgy Here is the opening liturgy material to help you to accompany the Chapter in your prayers.  The celebrant for Mass is Fr Adolfo Nicolas SJ, the Superior General of the

Remembering MH17

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As we mark the first anniversary of Sr Phil Tiernan RSCJ’s death, our hearts go out to the friends and relatives of all those who died in the downing of the MH17. Each one was special and much loved. God had a unique call for each one. The first anniversary of a death is an important moment in the journey of grief and healing. The pain of losing our sister so suddenly and in such a violent manner in the downing of MH17 is still with us. We still struggle with the meaning of this event. We hope that the media treats the ongoing grief of the bereaved with respect

Remembering Sr Phil Tiernan RSCJ

photo of Phil

A Mass of Thanksgiving for the Life of Sr Phil Tiernan RSCJ was held at her parish church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart on 25 July 2014.  Phil’s sister, Madeleine Wright and her daughter Josephine gave this eulogy.  Sr Mary Shanahan RSCJ’s eulogy for Sr Phil can be read here. M: My sister Phil loved mightily: she loved her family, the religious of the sacred heart, her church and her God. Throughout her life she gave herself unstintingly to each. The marriage of our parents, Mary Josephine Carroll of Kingaroy and James Bernard Tiernan of Murgon united two nineteenth century Irish immigrant families. Our cousins Bob Tiernan, Adrian and Rita Carroll, Bishop James