Sacred Heart Spirituality

Sacred Heart spirituality is wholly contemplative and wholly apostolic.  Our action is grounded in the contemplation of the Heart of God in the world and leads us back to the contemplation of the Heart of God.

“Our starting point is the Gospel with all that it demands from us of love, forgiveness and justice, and of solidarity with those who are poor and rejected by the world.” (Constitutions of 1982, n 7)

Devoted to the Heart of God

Our spirituality is focussed on discovering and making known the revelation of God’s love, whose source and symbol is the Heart of Christ. It calls us union with the loving Heart of God and so we approach all our ministry activities with the heart of the teacher who teaches with authority (Mk 1:22)


Sacred Heart spirituality is contemplative – it listens for the heartbeat of God in our world and responds in love.  It invites discerning attention to the movement of the Spirit in ourselves and in our world.


Sacred Heart spirituality is relational – it calls us to right relationships with each other, the whole of creation, and with God.  We seek to create “relationships of equality, inclusion, non-violence, and harmony,” that display a global consciousness, and a strong sense of the dignity of the person and the unity of the human family (General Chapter 2008, p 26).


Sacred Heart spirituality is transformative – it calls us to work for the transformation of the world in accordance with the justice of God’s Kingdom.  We promote education as an act of justice ordered to the transformation of the world.


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