Janet Erskine Stuart

Prayer for a new stage in life:

Time and space are not independent of one another. Laudato Si

Happy New Year – 2019 Loving God, unseen Companion of our life, give us faith and eager expectancy as we begin this fresh stage of our journey. Take from us all fear of the unknown and teach us to wrest treasures from darknessand difficulties. As the days come and go, may we find that each one is laden with happyopportunities and enriching experience: and when this year reaches its completion,may our best hopes be more than ever fulfilled.Amen – Janet Erskine Stuart. RSCJ

20 March Reflection Quote

"Courage... now is the time to say to yourself: 'I will take the risk, I will make the act of blind trust'." Janet Stuart, Letter quoted in The Inward Life, p 34.

Janet Erskine Stuart RSCJ knew what it is to take a risk. She encourages us to take the risk of placing all our trust in God. – where in your life do you need courage right now? – is it easy for you to place all your trust in God or does it feel like a risk? – can you recall a moment in your life that required a leap of faith?

12 March Reflection Quote

"When God says one word it makes the impossible possible, and the unlovely lovely, and the unmeaning become a revealation." Janet Stuart, in Maud Monahan, Life and Letters, p 258.

We can sometimes forget that God is God. Janet Erskine Stuart RSCJ reminds us that all things are possible for God. – can you recall a moment of revelation in which you saw that what appeared to be unlovely was actually lovely? – have you ever been aware of God’s presence when you have done something that you didn’t believe possible? – have you ever unexpectedly found meaning in something mundane?

27 February Reflection Quote

"Will not God who keeps you today keep you tomorrow and so on, a day at a time, the 'now' that is our only possession, and in which God is ours." Janet Stuart, in Maud Monahan, Life and Letters of Janet Erskine Stuart, Letter to 'E'.

We can get stuck in the past or caught up in the future. Instead, Janet Erskine Stuart RSCJ encourages us to trust God in the now. – are you more likely to dwell in the past or the future? – do you have a sense of God ‘keeping’ you? – are you at ease taking a day at a time?

23 February Reflection Quote

"The evening of life is not to be dreaded as some dread it; rather it is to be hoped for and loved for its clarity and detachment." Janet Stuart, Circular Letter: xiii.

In our culture obsessed with youth and beauty, many dread old age and death. It can be challenging to embrace our longer life expectancy as a gift. – do you dread old age or diminishing capabilities? – as you grow older, are you freer from attachments? – does contemplation come more naturally as you grow older?

21 February Reflection Quote

"Let us hold back nothing, let us give God a full gift - with both hands, with all our hearts, feeling in our will and conscience that we are giving all we have to give." - Janet Stuart: Spirit and teaching, p 303.

Janet Erskine Stuart RSCJ called for a total commitment. Such a commitment engages our hands, hearts, feelings, will and conscience. – how do you respond when someone is labelled a ‘head person’ or a ‘heart person’? – which part of yourself do you tend to hold back? – is there more that you could give to God?

Echoes of Two Stuarts

photo of dray cracked earth.

At the Janet Erskine Stuart Centenary conference hosted by the England & Wales Province, our own Sr Rita Carroll RSCJ spoke about Janet and her brother Richard. ¬†Find out about Richard Stuart’s Australian connection by watching the video below. Check out the England & Wales Province’s You Tube channel for more of their videos.

Janet Erskine Stuart Quotes

"To go into the presence of God is like going out into the freshness of the morning air." Janet Stuart

Donna Collins RSCJ has made a beautiful collection of quotes from Janet Erskine Stuart. They are available in a gallery on the international website of the Society of the Sacred Heart here.

Formation for Mission Conference 2014 Videos

Educating minds, opening hearts, transforming lives.

Opening Liturgy, Welcome & Opening Address Transformative Education with Sr Gerardette Philips RSCJ Sr Gerardette Philips RSCJ on Interfaith Dialogue  

Janet Stuart Leads Us to Our Own Encounter with God

bowl of hyacinth bulbs

The Province Retreat will run from the evening of Friday 12 September to lunch on Sunday 14 September.  It will be a silent, guided retreat led by Lynette Toohey RSCJ and retreatants will have the opportunity to meet with a Spiritual Director. RSCJ, people involved in the schools and other ministries of the Province, alumnae, and anyone interested in Sacred Heart spirituality is welcome to participate. Download the program and registration form Retreat Registration Form. Register by 3 July More information: Sandie Cornish, Province Director of Mission scornish@anzrscj.com.au

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