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1 April Reflection Quote

"I can never insist enough on the need for contemplation that our apostolic life carries with it." Helen McLaughlin, Letter 4 May. (background image of a woman gazing at the ocean).

Religious of the Sacred Heart say that our charism is wholly contemplative and wholly active. – why do you think Helen McLaughlin says that an active life on mission requires contemplation? – do you find it hard to be contemplative and active at the same time? – are your action and prayer in tension with one another,or are they unified?

31 March Reflection Quote

"Only in the measure that we strive to be penetrated by the spirit of Christ will we be able to know ourselves, meet others in truthand ove them as brothers and sisters." Concepcion Camacho, Letter 5 April 1971.

The spirit of Christ enables us to know ourselves and to love others. – how has your relationship with Jesus helped you to know and to accept yourself? – can you recall a time when you unexpectedly experienced someone as truly a brother or sister? – when have you had a sense of being filled with the spirit of Jesus?

29 March Reflection Quote

"They truly are spouses of the Heart of Jesus who have understood their obligation, and still more their rights, asspouses, to know Him intimately." Marie Therese de Lescure, Conference, 13 June 1947.

Intimacy is central to a spousal relationship. Marie Therese de Lescure RSCJ reminds us that we are called to closeness to the Heart of Jesus. – does it seem strange to speak of intimacy as an obligation or a right? – intimacy is a basic human need, how do you nurture intimacy with your close friends, and with Jesus? – when do you feel the closest to the Heart of Jesus?

28 March Reflection Quote

"We must open not only the doors,but the windows of our souls to the truth." Mabel Digby, in Anne Pollen: Mother Mabel Digby, Chapter xxviii.

Mabel Digby RSCJ invites us to maximum openness to the truth. It remains an important message for today! – what do you understand by the ‘doors’ and ‘windows’ of our souls? – how might you open not only your mind, but your soul, to the truth? – what does Mabel Digby mean by truth – the truth of God,of the Gospel, of ourselves?

27 March Reflection Quote

"To be the Heart of God on earth means to go to the heart of life with the attitudes and feelings of the Heart of Christ, that was the fundamental intuition of Madeleine Sophie; it is what makes our name intrinsic to our vocation as RSCJ>" Patricia de Quevedo, Conference to Probanists, June 2000.

The vocation of Religious of the Sacred Heart is to go to the heart of life with the attitudes and feelings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. – when you hear the expression ‘to be the Heart of God on earth’ what does it mean to you? – what would you say are the attitudes and feelings of the Heart of Jesus? – how do you express the attitudes and feelings of the Heart of Jesus in your life?

24 March Reflection Quote

"We must deepen our faith in the hidden power of our common call, and discover again and agin with greater joy the 'hidden treasure' of Jesus' Heart." Concepcion Camacho, Letter, 1 July 1973.

As members of the Society of the Sacred Heart we share a common call. This call is to discover and make known the love of the Heart of Jesus. We also share this call with other members of the Sacred Heart family. – why might Concepcion Camacho RSCJ call the power of our common call ‘hidden’? – how do you go about discovering the treasure of Jesus’ Heart? – how do you share this treasure?

22 March Reflection Quote

"There is a privileged place where God is known by God's own name and in turn calls us by our name. We receive this gift when we are abel to enter into the deepest part of ourselves." Patricia Garcia de Quevedo, Feast of the Sacred Heart, 1996.

God calls us by name. We are able to recognize this call when we have entered into the deepest part of our selves. – How does it feel to be called by your own name? – What helps you to enter into the deepest part of yourself? – Have you experienced knowing and being known by someone else intimately as a privileged place?